The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

3584 Words Feb 16th, 2015 15 Pages
Adam Hussein
Senior Thesis
17 February 2015
Think or Kill In seconds a persons life can be taken by gun, one rash decision can never be changed. In modern society it seems to be a reoccurring decision to just pull the trigger, some people have lost the concept of thinking before doing and now it has taken its tole. People see that it takes less time to actually think about pulling the trigger, than to actually do it. Over eleven thousand people a year suffer this fatal death, one that comes by the hands of another human being. The nonsensical thought processes by the murders has brought shame to the American name and the rights we are given as a society. Some may ask what exactly is gun control, “ Gun control, the governments limitation of the purchase and ownership of firearms.” (Gun Control). Gun control simply is the ability to control a gun under the government. How does the government give us this power, well under the second amendment. The second amendment of the United States Constitution reads, “ A well regulate Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” All that this amendment is saying is that every citizen has the right to keep and carry a firearm on them. Being that this is the second amendment would make it out that such an idea of letting people own a gun is important; its good to society, it will pose a beneficial outcome. However, very few beneficial outcomes…

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