The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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For or Against Gun Control One of the many topics that have been on the minds of people in the U.S., including the presidential candidates, is gun control. In light of recent events these past years, this topic has been on the minds of more and more citizens. People are begining to take a stance on having stricter gun laws or keeping the ones that are currently in place. The country’s presidential candidates— Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump— are even divided when it comes to the topic of gun control laws. Whether or not a person is in favor of or against stricter gun laws, it is a topic that is impact this country greatly. For centuries guns have had major impacts, both good and bad, in nations and its people. Since the signing of the Constitution, people granted the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment. Hundreds of years later people are still expressing their constitutional right. Although in recent decades, people have been using guns as weapons to kill others and not to just protect themselves. In the U.S. alone, roughly 33,000 are killed each year due to gun related deaths. Many of those deaths tend to me a result of gun-based homicides and suicides. While background checks are normally required, people have found loopholes by purchasing guns from private dealers. In addition, mass shootings have become more common within the past year or two. Mass shootings— like the Orlando shootings (49 killed and 53 injured) and San Bernardino (16 killed and 19 injured) —…

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