The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

707 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Gun control as of recently has become a heated topic of controversy in the United States of America. Just from watching the news each morning you can see a new headline of someone or getting shot and killed with a gun., or even a mass shooting. People actively advocate against guns; while others choose to advocate against guns.While many people want to ban guns, others me included want to keep guns for personal protection, sport, and collectors items. When it comes down to it there is one question. Should United States citizens be allowed to keep their rights to bear arms, or should this no longer be the case?

The United States has protected citizens the right to bear arms since the date of December 15, 1791 with the creation of the second Amendment. Most of the people who own guns do not use them for violent purposes, but in fact may use them for the following purposes. Guns can be used for sports such as target shooting, hunting, and can even be seen in the Olympics. Some gun owners use them as collectors items. While many keep them on the sole purpose of self defense. I myself do not own a gun, but I have many family members and friends who own guns. None of them go about shooting other people with them, but use them for one or more of the purposes I listed above.

There is of course a viable argument that guns should be banned altogether. We see it all over the news with headlines along the lines of someone shooting up a school of innocent students, shooting up a…

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