The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control is one of the main issues across the world, but United States is a country that the topic of Gun Control is mostly debated upon. It has been one of the most controversial issue in the United States for the last couple of decades. Those who support gun control laws claim that the main cause of crimes that happen in the United States are guns and that there should be stricter gun control laws. Those who oppose gun rights claim that the Second Amendment guarantees people the right to bear arms, and that people need to carry guns with them for safety purposes. Although the Second Amendment guarantees the person’s right to bear arms and gun can be used for self-defense purposes, the government should introduce more gun laws and make the existing laws stricter to prevent any further crimes from happening. People who are against gun control argue that the gun control laws violate the 2nd Amendment. They claim that the amendment protects the general public, who were viewed as part of the general militia, as distinguished from the “select militia” controlled by the state. The amendment, in guaranteeing the arms of each citizen, simultaneously guaranteed arms for the militia (“Gun Control”). Opponents of gun control believe that access to guns can protect themselves in emergency situations. In "Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun" (Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, vol. 86, no. 1, 1995), criminologists Kleck and Gertz…

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