The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun control these days in the United States of America is an immense topic and I purpose that we should follow as a nation on what other countries are doing about it to guard ourselves from each other and other threats that may invade our homeland. In which, I believe in arming more people would reduce mass shootings in the United States, just like how the Germans use the Autobahn to prevent accidents with unlimited speed for that freeway. As for giving guns to everyone, it may include a side effect of people using guns to kill others no matter what, it is difficult to control people’s minds, because humans have their own free will, which is very impossible to contain such as the concept of violence. It is human-nature, even if they are nice and look defenseless. I believe we should pursue other countries’ ideas about gun control, instead of throwing away privileges with guns all together, to a point where we as a people or a nation that cannot protect ourselves and our loved ones.
From what I’ve examined on the internet, Switzerland has a really interesting gun law or gun control and I believe we should at least do something like them, to teach younger generations about gun safety and only use guns for self-defense, here is an example from an article on,, “Today, military service for Swiss males is universal. At about age 20, every Swiss male goes through 118 consecutive days of recruit training in the Rekrutenschule. Even before required training begins, young…

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