The Issue Of Gun Control Laws Essay

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Gun Control There is no justification for the government to apply restrictions on a citizen who posses a firearm.It is deceptive of government to expect us to believe that criminals will follow gun control laws. There seems to be an underlying motive for gun control laws. Just take one moment to think about it, people would be far more easy to control if they had no means of defence. A minority of public policy debates have been as controlled by misinformation and emotion as the one of gun control. Banning firearms to reduce crime rates makes as much sense as banning alcohol consumption to reduce intoxicated driving. It is true that countless evidence shows when civilian’s own guns that it can, and will lower crime rates drastically. The government should not have the right to impose more legislation for gun control for they are slowly notching away at our given second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms from infringement. In Albuquerque, during a police strike citizens armed themselves and patrolled their neighborhoods, while shop owners publicly armed themselves (“The Case Against Gun Control”). felonies dropped notably. During March of 1982 Kennesaw, Georgia, enacted a law requiring a member of every household to keep a legal firearm at home; house burglaries fell from 65 per year to 26, and then to 11 the following year (“The Case Against Gun Control”). Similar publicized training programs for firearm carrying merchants notably reduced store robberies…

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