The Issue Of Global Warming And Pollution Essay

1152 Words Jun 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Global warming and pollution has increased rapidly throughout the past couple years. Some of it has to do with air pollutants such as fossil fuels, and others has to do with disposing waste and other substances in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. There are many factors that can cause global warming and pollution but who causes it all? I believe that everybody contributes to pollution and we should be the ones to blame. But we should also blame the major corporations and other industries that do this as well. In fact, corporations are the cause of two-thirds of man-made global warming. Consumers such as you and I, need to address these concepts to the government and other corporations so that they can become aware of what they are doing to our environment. We need to use economic interdependence which is defined as “being dependent on others for the products we cannot produce by ourselves. I think that consumers need to get together and persuade the government and these other corporations that we should be spending our tax dollars on technology that help reduce the effects of pollution and global warming, instead of spending money on technology that actually makes it worse, such as power or nuclear plants. I believe consumers need to send out signals to the government to make this change in our environment.

Global Warming and pollution are the main causes of climate change, limiting our oxygen intake, melting of the ice caps, and the infamous smog. Corporations are careless when…

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