The Issue Of Geriatric Heart Failure Essay

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If there was a prize for being the most remarkable organ for function, the heart would certainly be a top candidate for the picking. As a generalization, most people only appreciate the heart when the heart fails to function properly. That is, the systemic effects from living with a failing heart would make anyone aware of just how important the function of this organ is. Advancements in technology and medications have improved the lives of those who suffer with heart failure, but the burden to the economy can also be felt. According to Blecker, Paul, Taksler, Ogedegbe & Katz (2013) heart failure accounts for four million hospitalizations per year in just the United States alone. Out of these hospitalizations, 72 was the mean age for hospitalized patients. Unfortunately, for geriatric patients who suffer from heart failure, different obstacles present themselves compared to a younger counterpart; placing them in a different management and treatment category all together.

Purpose and Development of Issue
Geriatric heart failure patients could be considered a group labeled as having a disparity. For one thing, the approach to treating a geriatric patient who suffers from heart failure should be different then treating someone with heart failure in their fifties because of anatomical changes leading to physiological changes. For example, elderly people with heart failure have a higher probability of cellular death of myocytes, impaired stem cell function,…

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