Essay on The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms

1086 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
Over the years, the term GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms has been popping up and has started to concern many Americans. Genetically Modified Organisms have become an increasing problem and have been researched to provide positive and negative effects for both human health and environmental health. North America is now the only continent that allows GMO’s to be used (“64 countries that have GMO labeling laws”). While many do not know about Genetically Modified Organisms, the government, specifically the FDA, is still conducting research about GMO’s, yet they are hiding the information from the American population by not labeling their products sufficiently. Parents have been more concerned than ever about what they are allowing their children to eat. Although there are positive effects to GMO’s, the success rate is greatly held back by the lack of research, decreasing health in the population, and insufficiently labelled products. Since 1992, GMO’s been a project that has have little or even no research. According to “Health Risks- Institute for Responsible Technology” states “The Government’s FDA department has no research on GMO’s. The FDA claimed that GMO’s were safe to eat and did not require any safety test on the products” (“Health Risks- Institute for Responsible Technology”). The FDA urged that long term studies should be conducted but were ignored by Michael Taylor who at the time was the attorney for Monsanto, which is the leading GMO seed producer company,…

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