The Issue Of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

1549 Words Oct 28th, 2016 7 Pages
When I think about genetically modified foods the immediate thoughts of lies, betrayal, and dangers come to mind. There are the lies that promote the production of these foods, there is the betrayal of our government and multiple agencies that are supposed to protect us as a people and keep us informed of whether there is safety in growing and eating these foods, and, at worse, the danger surrounding the consumption of these foods which correlates with the arising issues among the human populace and our environment. As you have begun to read I can almost be certain that you believe I simply have an axe to grind with the issues concerning genetically modified foods. Maybe you believe I am biased and unfair toward the production of these engineered foods, but I’ll have you rest assured that is most certainly not the case; I will present to you the rise of concern that so many others share as a startling revelation about the secrets behind the production and promotion of genetically modified organisms. In this paper, you will undoubtedly see the double-dealing employed by those who promote GMO foods, you will see the sleight of hand dealt behind closed doors though being seen as something else in the public eye, and you will be forced acknowledge the lack of safety surrounding these foods.
The order in which I will present the facts I have found, I will first share with you the history of the company Monsanto, the company which is the true spear-head of the genetically modified…

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