The Issue Of Gender Inequality Essay

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The topic of gender inequality has been around for quite some time and many laws have been passed for women to reach their idea of what equality is. Gender discrimination is usually affiliated with women, but in recent years men have encountered this problem and quite frankly are baffled about it. The source of this problem comes from the employers who frequently cut workers and applicants from working due to their gender. Lately gender inequality isn’t just a one-way street, it goes both ways and today’s generation should come together to put an end to this non-ending war of sexual characteristics.
There are two aspects of how gender operates as a status characteristic. Firstly, the diffuse status belief that characterize men as more competent and agentic than women. These beliefs are going down the drain as women’s academic achievements continue to overtake that of men. Women continue to take new roles in the workplace, taking over what once was male-dominated, in greater numbers than previous generations. This makes it difficult to maintain the status belief in male superiority across the board. Secondly, the beliefs that work done by male are inherently higher status. Till the day that tasks aren’t gender typed and that male tasks continue to be more highly valued, gender inequality and its reproduction will be continued.
An example of when sexual characteristics come to play is when an employer has two equally qualified applicants, with the same personal and academic…

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