Essay on The Issue Of Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality does not refer to a single issue, rather, it is multifaceted and prevalent in hundreds of countries. Everyday, a large portion of the female population faces seven types of inequality; mortality, natality; facility, professional; ownership, household and special opportunity inequality (Sen, 2001). This in turn has grave consequential effects upon the social, economic, cultural and political areas of life - achieving equality between men and women will allow for long-term benefits in these fields.

Issues and Concerns

Increasing concerns have been raised regarding the growing issue of gender inequality in a number of countries. India is currently ranked 114 in the World Economic Forum’s 2014 Gender report, a significant decrease from its 2006 ranking of 98. This is largely due to a decrease in the female to male sex ratio at birth where there is only 914 females per 1,000 males (Reports.Webforum., 2014, The Economist, 2011). Indian households tend to hold a strong cultural preference towards males as they tend to be more financially beneficial for their patriarchal society. because of this the rate of female fetus abortion in India is higher than ever before despite government policies being implemented.

Figure 1: Sex ratio at birth in China and India, 1962-2012

Even more worrying is the fact that gender equality is still prevalent in developed countries such as The United States and Canada and according to a study, it is worsening in the areas of…

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