The Issue Of Gender Identity Essay

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Identity, this word has become a huge issue in our world today. There are people in this world that believe that if someone is gay, or straight, or lesbian, that there isn 't a way to describe their gender identity. It’s not easy for them. It’s not easy to be in a world where people try to tell you who you are. Yeah, cisgender and transgender are just labels, but those labels mean something to others. What we don’t understand is that these labels have been out there for a long time, since the 90’s or maybe even longer. In the article, KJ Rawson tells us that the term was since at least the mid-1990s, and yet we still haven 't gained the knowledge of them. Cisgender is something for those who don’t want to be considered trans, who know that they may be attractive to the same sex or opposite but they are also comfortable in their own skin. Gender plays the biggest role in these terms like transgender, in my eyes, means someone who isn 't comfortable with the role since they were given birth. Someone who knows that who others have grown to know them as, or who they 've grown to know themselves as, isn 't really them. Cisgender, in my eyes is someone who feels comfortable as who they are and they know themselves as. These terms mean completely different things, but yet they somehow get treated the same.

This article goes in depth about what Cisgender actually means and what people who identify as cisgender have to go through. As Rawson explains, the term has been around for…

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