Essay about The Issue Of Gender Equality

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Women in Politics
The issue of gender equality has been around for over a decade and still to this day, we struggle to overcome it. Feminists are forming unions to seek equality in regards to employment and pay equity as well as equal political, economic, personal and social rights for women. Nonetheless, women are still underrepresented in politics. In order to clearly depict the representation of women in policymaking, I shall discuss the evolution of women in politics.
Women in Politics: In the Past
To begin with, the fight for formal representation of women in politics was extensive and difficult. Before 1916, voting is a privilege mainly reserved for men. During this time, women’s freedom is very limited. Married women can own property but cannot sell it without the agreement with her husband. In addition, according to Manitoba’s Act Respecting Married Women, although a woman is allowed to have ownership of her property, any earnings she makes goes to her spouse. Only until 1872, did married women obtain the right to their own wage free from their spouses’ control. Moreover, the first woman in Canada and in the British Empire to be appointed to a court occurred in 1914. Finally, in 1916, women in Manitoba were the first to acquire the right to vote and run for office. Furthermore, Mary Ellen Smith became the first Canadian female cabinet minister and Agnes Macphail became the first woman elected in House of Commons in 1921. Although women finally achieved the right to…

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