Essay on The Issue Of Gender Equality

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One issue that still exists in our society is gender in equality; should women be treated as equally to men? In Mill’s and Wollstonecraft’s time periods, women weren’t treated equally; women were oppressed by men and were seen as inferior to men. As time has passed by, society’s perspective and treatment of women has changed. In the article “Top 18 Issues Challenging Women Today from the Shriver Report,” Sonia Pressman Fuentes states, “Our society has undergone massive change. Women are now found in large numbers in professional schools and in the professions . . . they work at a host of technical and blue-collar jobs previously closed to them.” Over the past decades, a lot has changed; women have been given a chance to get involved in the society and allowed to do what they wanted to do. Even though a lot has changed, women still face some major issues; some of these issues are still problems in the past and some have mutated their form. The first issue of gender equality that still exist today is on about the objectification of women. From the sixteenth century to the present time, men have objectified women; men expect women to look a certain way to be attractive. Phyllis B. Frank states the following:
A definition of objectification might be: portrayals of women in ways and contexts which suggest that women are objects to be looked at, ogled, even touched, or used, anonymous things or commodities perhaps to be purchased, perhaps taken - and once tired of, even…

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