The Issue Of Gay Parenting Essay

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Homosexual unions are destroying the fabric of society and harming child development; at least that is what opponents of same-sex marriage would like the U.S. Supreme Court to believe, but credible research suggests otherwise (Bezdijan, 2015). In order for same-sex parent families to be accurately represented, there is a need to rectify discrepancies in research. According to the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS), there are over 110,000 same-sex couples rearing children in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011). This paper explains why this topic is important by outlining the impact of vast difficulties encountered by homosexuals who wish to or are currently raising children. The history and limitations of existing research will be explored regarding children of homosexual parents, outcomes of research in opposition to gay parenting will be presented, and evidence will be provided that relates no significant difference between children raised by heterosexual parents when compared to same-sex parents.
History of Gay Rights Throughout history, homosexuals have suffered grave injustice, cruelty, discrimination, stereotyping and harsh stigma. A 1969 police raid of a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York, known as the Stonewall Inn, incited the Stonewall Riots and marked the beginning of the gay rights movement (Palmer, 2014). Gay couples were ready to fight for marriage equality and in 1972 Baker v. Nelson was one of the first cases brought before the…

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