Essay on The Issue Of Fight For Rights

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Fight for Rights Many people in the world today are very hypocritical, they will criticize you for doing something wrong but when they do it then it’s completely fine. In today’s society if a woman decides to get an abortion, the world will criticize her for being so inconsiderate. A person who hasn’t been in this situation wouldn’t understand how difficult it is to make that decision. Therefore, the only way you can truly understand is if you step in their shoes, or at least try to. Many Americans have different perspective on abortion, some are pro-choice stating that a woman has the right to do what she feels is necessary and some are pro-life which state that a baby is a human being and should be preserved instead of killed. It has been stated in the constitution that everyone has unalienable rights, however if that is true then women should have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies and their reproduction. The government and congress should respect their decision instead of trying to get involved and make rules against them. Although women in America do have more rights than women in other countries, I still believe that women are still deprived of many essential rights, such as having the right to a safe and legal abortion. Making a decision to abort a baby is difficult but our society makes it even harder by adding judgment and pressure. Even though many women are pro-choice, it definitely doesn’t make them pro-abortion. Many women think getting an…

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