Essay The Issue Of Fair And True Representation

1196 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Sukunthea Chhay
Political Science 439
Dr. Charles Noble
Final Paper
If I were to change one thing about American Politics, it would be a change that would result in a more fair and accurate representation of voters. The issue of fair and true representation continues to be a pressing issue our legislative branches of government face. Congress, more specifically, the House of Representatives claims to reflect and be the voices of the people. But proportional representation is something our systems of government is simply not achieving. The electoral process ought to be more inclusive and responsive to ensure that every vote has a meaningful voice in elections. I would change the system in which voters, vote. Instead of a winner take all system, I would change it to a system of ranked choice voting. This would result in legislative bodies of government to become more reflective of voters. In a brief period of this course, we’ve learned and gained various insight into who votes, why they vote, and whether or elections actually matter. In short, none of this matters if voters are so alienated and disconnected from the institutions of government to the extent that they are see little to no value in participating in civic engagement. Through the studies of American politics, we’ve seen that American democracy inches further and further away from what is considered to be a true democracy. In a democracy, we expect our votes to count and voices be heard. Instead, most elections in…

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