The Issue Of Ethical Corruption Essay

1578 Words Nov 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Proposition 50 was the only California state proposition on the primary ballot last June. Due in part to current law, while the suspension of public officials can occur, the consequences of loss of salary and/or benefits are non-existent, allowing for corruption to pervade their position without consequence. Corruption in the service of the public should never be acceptable practice and no public servant should be allowed to get away with a lack of ethics. Proposition 50 addresses the issue of ethical corruption derived from actions involving suspensions without financial consequences being imposed. Congressman Ian Calderon, along with a few other California State legislators, designed the proposition to refuse legislative members’ salaries, pensions, or other privileges of their office, resulting from a suspension by a two-thirds vote from the state legislation. Voting yes would allow the legislature the ability to suspend a member and his pay. The fact that the proposition gained bipartisan support based on recent events that have shed new light on the corruption in both the state and local government is considerably significant. Eliminating corruption is paramount to maintaining a positive, honorable legislative body in the minds of constituents (voters) thus bipartisan support is encouraging moving forward to effectively address unethical representatives and unburdening the state of financial support in perpetuity for such bad actors. Ultimately, Proposition 50 will…

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