The Issue Of Environmental Issues Essay

1040 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
While the environmental issues are well known, some of the reasons that cause it are not. The lack of knowledge, misunderstanding, and unawareness of the fact that human’s evolution is, and will always have the impact on the environment in one way or the other. By introducing facts, statistics, arguments, and then the consequences related to environmental problems, the essay will convince people that they should pay more attention to the environmental issues.
There are some people believe that we should not care about climate change. Because people are doing find on environmental problems, and also, it is not an artificial problem, so we do not need to take responsibility to fix it. One of those people is President Trump. In the article “How do Clinton and Trump stack up on environmental issues?”, Brady Dennis states that President Trump does not believe that climate change is human 's fault, it just is an “extreme weather,” and it will come over soon.
Those arguments should be put to the end. First, if people choose to do nothing because everything is good, there will be no process in the environment improvement. Second, human beings are breaking the nature’s laws and the ecosystem’s balance. Supply and demand is an old, and basic method that most systems on Earth following. From there, people categorizing other plants and animals into smaller groups. Regardless which group other species belong to, they always belong to a fixed food chain. It means in their life they will…

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