The Issue Of Drug Legalization Essay

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In one year, Colorado’s income from the taxation of recreational marijuana nearly doubled the income from the taxation on alcohol (Aleem). Despite the economic boons that the legalization of drugs can provide to economies, there are other reasons for remaining steady with the status quo of keeping illicit drug use outside the scope of the law. A hotly debated issue, drug legalization, like many other topics, has many pros and cons, and many reasons for both sides. First demonstrated will be reasons for the continued illegalization of drugs, second will be reasons for legalizing drugs, and third will be my personal opinion on the issue at hand. First, the reasons for the continued illegalization of drugs.
Drugs are substances that will make the body require continued use of the substance to maintain equilibrium both psychologically and emotionally. Continued use of drugs can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, mental illnesses, internal organ damage, injuries, and many other detrimental effects (Ramani). Many experts that are against the legalization of drugs believe that the use of drugs would increase dramatically if legalization were to occur. The widespread use of addictive substances that cause these detrimental effects would in turn hurt society as a whole, as widespread detriments on a micro scale leads to detriments on a macro scale.
B. Overwhelming the Health Industry Legalization opponents contend that the legalization of drugs would stress and…

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