Essay about The Issue Of Domestic Violence

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The Ray Rice Scandal happened when Ray Rice violently knocked out his now wife in an elevator. This story was huge in 2014. It was handled poorly needless to say, then after him briefly apologizing then quickly moving on. Domestic violence has become more of an important issue than ever before. Many people have taken to social media to urge the NFL to take more action in this overlooked issue. It is not only the NFL that has been criticized by fans, and others alike, but also the sponsors of the NFL, who are being asked to reconsider their sponsorship until the NFL seriously addresses this issue and implements meaningful changes. As members of the media, media professionals strive to do two ethical things: To tell the truth, and have evidence to back up that truth. In the journalism world, media professionals need to balance the public’s right to know vs. an individual’s right to privacy. 1. The three most significant facts of the case are how the NFL handle the situation, how others reacted, and how Ray Rice wife stayed with him. The way that the NFL handle this scandal is an important fact, because the soft punishment the NFL gave to Ray Rice many believed wasn’t fair. The way others reacted is an important fact because many reporters joked about it and didn’t take it seriously. Also people used social media and hash tags to speak out about domestic violence. Ray Rice wife staying with him after the incident is a huge important fact, because many asked as to why stay with…

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