The Issue Of Domestic Violence Essay

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According to Deborah M. Weissman, she argues for “consideration of existing domestic violence, the paradigm of the criminal justice system that needs new deliberation regarding gender-based economic inequality and indecisiveness in the current structure” (Weissman 221) as a premise in “Law, Social Movements, and the Political Economy of Domestic Violence” (Weissman 221). As the origin and knowledge basis of domestic violence has decreased more than other disciplines of investigation precisely to the collapse to confront the gender-based a fundamental framework of violence. This peer-reviewed legal data article suggests that the parameters redefine domestic violence laws and poses stimulating approaches to improve gender violence with legal interventions relations. In fact, economic consequences at the local, the State level, and in the State courts, which infrequently award financial aid to victims of domestic violence and coercive abuse such as child support and alimony in domestic violence civil protection order litigations, as state statutes authorize such relief. Consequently, an economic hardship from domestic violence makes it difficult for victims and survivors to attain financial confidence and policy makers should consider economic hardship assistance in domestic violence cases to aid women. Moreover, views of domestic violence are an immaterial consideration of the political economic conditions of the perpetrator, as they have more economic security than the…

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