Essay about The Issue Of Doctor Assisted Suicide

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The topic of doctor assisted suicide has been under debate for decades. It is a very intriguing and complicated topic as in Canada and many other countries, one has the right to life, but does not have the right to end said life. Doctor assisted suicide is also something one should contemplate because a large part of it is morals, while another substantial piece is numbers and objective facts evolving with economics, and the greater good. Some disagree with the place of morals over pragmatism in such an argument, and some disagree with the place of pragmatism over morals in such a topic. This debate may have been thought to have been put to an end as the law that prevent doctor assisted suicide was found to inappropriate by The Supreme Court of Canada. This ruling does not take effect until next year however, and such a controversial topic will never be put to rest.
The article from The Economist, “The right to die,” argues that the lack of legitimacy when it comes to doctor assisted suicide during times of great distress on incapability, whether physical or mental is unjust. The arguments range from the high demand of a law that allows such an action, the right of an individual to be free to make such a decision on the grounds that one is already free to make many life changing personal decisions, and that in this country we value autonomy too greatly to deprive one of the way they wish to die. The evidence used is empirical, evidence that is observed particularly in…

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