The Issue Of Discrimination Against Women Essay

776 Words May 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
1. I was shocked when I read the article. I did not know what to think, because at first I thought, “How are you going to let someone you married tell you who you can and cannot serve in your profession?” However, I realized that her and I were raised differently, and she was a practicing Muslim, while I was not. If I were the author, it is not like I can force my views on to the woman, because everyone has different opinions and they can believe whatever they want.

Something that really shocked me was when the author stated, “Would those chosen restrictions be acceptable if they were directed at groups identified not by gender, but by criteria such as ethnicity or sexual preference – that is would we permit racism or homophobia? And if the genders in this case had been reversed and a man had elected not to see female clients, would we not identify his choice as discrimination against women?” This is when I thought that that what the women was doing was choosing to do was wrong, and if it was not tolerated in other situations why would it be tolerated in this situation. Then I started to think, that if I were the author, and I were to deny that young women of practicing only with women, she would lose a valuable opportunity just because of her religion, and that would not be right either.

2. When reading this article, I thought about a presentation that I did for a poem in my English 255 class. After my presentation we had a discussion. During the discussion, we talked…

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