The Issue Of Colonial Violence Essay

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The issue of colonial violence in Africa is extremely diverse and multifaceted. To fully understand and examine this issue one must look at different aspects and factors of African life and the way that it was altered by Europeans and colonization. It is important to analyze things like why colonial rule was such a violent process and how European ignorance of African culture aggravated the violence. Equally important, we must examine the struggle between Europeans effort to suppress the continent and the Africans fight to resist colonial rule.
In the 1890s trade was booming throughout Africa. It was these trade expeditions that gave way to what we now know as colonialism. Originally Africans weren’t that bothered by Europeans, some even traded and made deals with them. By 1983 however, most of the Africans feelings for the white man had change. This was because of the shift in behavior of the traders. They became more comfortable in their position and Africa and the practices of looting and killing natives greatly increased. Slowly European empires like Britain and France started placing soldiers in forts and establishing rule. After some time, the European effort to suppress the Africans partnered with the African struggle for autonomy turned the process of colonization violent.
This type of violence was seen all throughout colonized parts of Africa, one of the best examples of this is the estate at Magomero. This estate was owned by David Livingstons favorite daughter…

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