The Issue Of Climate Change Essay

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When the United States elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States in November, climate policy domestically and internationally has been trusted into a period of uncertainty. The environmental community closely watches as an administration is formed, that will certainly have a tremendous impact on the great environmental challenges that plague the world. Back in 2013 it was first reported that carbon dioxide levels had reached the 400 parts per million threshold for the first time in nearly 800,000 years. It was in October 2016 in Mauna Loa, Hawaii that carbon dioxide levels reached the same 400 parts per million level (Schwartz, 2016). However this more recent announcement point out that this threshold will be passed and levels are expected to continue to rise. The issue of climate change will continue to have a global impact and could become one of the greatest global challenges in modern history. The effects of population growth, temperature rising, sea level rise and continued use of earth’s resources we continue to stress earth’s environment to levels that have not been seen in nearly a million years. Scientists argue that carbon dioxide levels must be reduced to 350 parts per million, this is a task requires a global commitment that will not happen overnight.

II. Social Studies Classrooms and Sustainability Education needs to be a leader in creating citizens that empowered and prepared to bring about change to this growing problem. One of the…

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