The Issue Of Bullying Is Contributed By Many Factors Essay

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Research Question: The research question in the article is asking is if the issue of bullying is contributed by many factors, and not just merely the students themselves. The research is trying to find if bullying is a product of students environment, peers, and staff or if bullying is solely accredited t to each student’s individual characters. The study was trying to focus on why bullying occurs in more in depth in an emotional and environmental point of view.
Literature: The literature contains many sources, some very recent while some dating back to the late 1900s. I think the author was very effective because not only did he point out other qualitative data but also used some quantitative data in attempts to back up his research. Adding some qualitative data to back up his qualitative data is effective because with qualitative research there always isn’t assertiveness or “numbers” backing up the information. While the author’s research was a qualitative study, it can add a little more validity by using other supporting past research and findings to seem more convincing. For example, the author sourced a research in which a study was preformed to find the comparisons in bullying between secondary schools versus elementary schools. This study helped support the idea that bullying occurs a lot more in secondary schools and that bullying happens more in the secondary school age range. It also gives an incite that possibly bullying occurs in secondary schools a lot due to…

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