The Issue Of Banning Gambling Essay

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Banned or regulate Imagine if you lost all of your money? What wiuld you do after ?Is gambling harmful to people? It can be especially teens start to gamble at twelve or maybe even younger. Teens gamble at many different games, poker, online poker, etc. Some teens committed crime to fund the habit or to pay off their debts. Some had even gone to the unthinkable; they commit suicide due the amount of money they lost. Many people debate about banning gambling on the bases of moral issues as well as restricting freedoms from people. Gambling is like a harmful drug that cause gamblers to suffer from financial ruin, depression, and loss of family morale. Gambling has a high risk of damaging teen’s fiancial and mental health.
There has been a long history of gambling throughout the world. It has become a socially acceptable activity in many places. However, “Societal tolerance and acceptance of legal gambling can change rapidly. Scandal and political control by gaming interests have led to backlashes which result in regulation and/or prohibition” (History of Gambling in the United States 1). Gamblers favor gambling at certain events, these events are Super Bowl, NFL, NBA playoffs, March madness, Triple Crown horse races (McCarthy 90). What drives bookies is money. Money can be made from legal betting or illegal betting from bookkeepers. A bookkeeper is a person who takes illegal bets, and handles payouts. “Money drives the real March Madness. The $6 billion illegally…

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