The Issue Of Affirmative Action Essay

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To fully understand the problems revolving around race-based admission programs in various universities, one must first understand how this issue first developed, as well as what affirmative action is. Affirmative action is a policy also known as positive discrimination, in other words, it strives to favor people who are a minority, such as, people of color. This is an important issue as it affects legislators, colleges, but most importantly future college students. For this issue, there are those that are for and against affirmative action; as well as those who seek a compromise, like the Top Ten percent plan in Texas. The earliest case dealing with race in the educational field dates back the early 1900’s with the Berea College v. Kentucky (1908) case (Brown, “A Historical Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic”). This case dates back to the era of the Jim Crow South where despite slaves being freed, there was still segregation everywhere including in the educational system. In this case, Berea College was charged with “violating [Kentucky’s] Day Law” (Brown, “A Historical Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic”) which “made it illegal to educate African American and Caucasian students in the same facility” (Brown, “A Historical Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic”). While this didn’t specifically deal with the admission of the college and various races, it did introduce the difficulties of race relations in education. The first actual case dealing with affirmative action in…

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