The Issue Of Affirmative Action Essay

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Affirmative action began as a necessity to help previously disadvantaged minorities gain equality. However, due to the dynamic ideas of equality and what is needed to achieve it, the policy has turned into something that hurts more than it helps in today’s society. There are multiple problems with it, such as reverse racism, not addressing the deeper societal problems, and it is condescending to minorities. Much of this comes from the consequences of birthplace and race; a theme also explored in the source materials, “Letter to My Nephew” by James Baldwin. These problems can be easily seen through a deep evaluation and it is evident that the only true way to reach a colorblind society is to follow the lead of the eight states that have already banned affirmative action.
Affirmative Action is an umbrella term that refers to a large scope of policies that began with Executive Order 10925, signed into law by president John F. Kennedy. The concept of affirmative action was born from the idea that if all racist barriers in the United States were removed, and if equal opportunity could truly be allowed to grow, African Americans could achieve a success rate similar to that of white people. Executive Order 10925 created the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity and mandated that anything federally funded must remove any racial bias from hiring and employment practices. Sociologist Thomas Sowell, in his book, Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality?, writes, “As initially presented,…

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