The Issue Of Active Killing Essay

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To Let Them Die or Not
Even though so many people that have an irreversible cancer or other life threating diseases should be allowed to die, as long as they are in their right mind and or have made it known with their physicians and lawyers that this is what they wanted to do instead of continuing suffering. Why can 't anyone person be allowed to die with dignity? When you stop to think about the issue of active killing, you have to wonder why anyone would want to die in the first place. This is a practice that has been going on for years in many cultures. Not to say it was legal or the moral thing to do, but many people felt that they had the right to decide to die. Some people don’t really want to commit the act themselves or they are at a point in life that they cannot do so themselves. So they seek out a medical person, loved one, or anyone that they can get to assist them in ending their life. In the past our culture allowed people to die with dignity if they decided to take their own life for whatever reasons that they might have had. Here we are going to take a look at the utilitarian perspective regarding voluntary take their life or the physician-assisted suicide. In today’s society I feel that any person that is in their right mind or have prepared a document that stated what they wanted to be done if they were going to die a slow death and did not want to, could be assisted to end their life with dignity.
Active Killing
When you stop to think about the issue of…

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