The Issue Of Abortion And Abortion Essay

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Defining the Issue
Abortion is the act of terminating a fetus during pregnancy; abortion can be induced, or spontaneous. Spontaneous abortions are referred to as miscarriages or stillbirths. Induced abortions are normally performed within the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy; after the first 28 weeks an abortion becomes more dangerous1. Abortion has been a social issue since it was first performed as it involves the termination of what some believe to be human life and also potential tax payers and in past, potential soldiers and warriors. The current main sides on abortions are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Pro-Life activists believe that fetuses are human and life and that it is immoral and unethical to legally terminate a fetus, whereas pro-choice believe that woman have the right to choose whether or not they want to continue their pregnancy or terminate it. Others involved in the issue are: the Government which regard laws surrounding abortion and whether it is legal or not, Religious Institutions which regard the morals of abortion and if their followers may stay with their faith and still have an abortion, women and their right to have a choice with their body, men and if they have the right to tell a partner to or not to have an abortion, and doctors with differing viewpoints on when life starts and when they will still perform an abortion or not.
History of the Issue
Abortion has existed ancient times, there are recordings in civilizations of how to induce abortion as…

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