Essay on The Issue Of A Government System

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The name of my group’s country is Marmicnicno, it simply represents the names of each of the founding members. While establishing the background of our country we decided that we wanted our citizens to have political, economic, and religious freedoms, but we also wanted to take a risk on a government system that is not commonly used. At the conclusion of that, our government of choice was an anarchist. While anarchy is typically defined as lack of government, Marmicnicno still has a system of democracy in place. When it came to making decisions as to what we wanted our country to do, we would have an open discussion to debate pros and cons of each potential choice. Typically it would start with someone reading the question and establishing what was actually being asked. After that, we discuss the pros and cons of each answer choice. We will typically look for the choice that will let our citizens maintain their freedoms. If the question is not related to freedom, then everyone in the group will choose which proposition they like best, and explain why they wish to choose that option. After hearing everyone’s case we will simply take a vote and majority rule will win. We have not yet had a tie so there are not any established procedures for a tiebreaker. When it came to agreeing on making decisions, a large percentage of the time we could make decisions without much arguing. There was one question, however, that we had to debate about what the best answer really was. The…

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