The Issue Behind Dealing With The Threat Of Nuclear Wars Essays

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The Issue behind dealing with the Threat of Nuclear Wars
Nuclear war is a very interesting topic. Everyone agrees that nuclear weapons are dangerous but the issue comes in with how to deal with a nuclear threat. Some debaters believe that nuclear weapons should be banned because humanity cannot survive a nuclear war. The sources I have found for these type of debaters are “Nuclear War: A Greater Threat than Ebola” and “How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: Toward An Achievable Ban on the Testing of Nuclear Weapons”. Other arguers believe that nuclear weapons do not have to be banned because humanity can survive a nuclear war through shelter. The sources I have found for these types of arguers are “”Bomb Shelters & Fear of Nuclear War” and “Defense Against Fire Effects of Atomic Bombs”. There are also opponents who believe that nuclear weapons should be kept for protection but should not be used because people cannot survive a nuclear war. The source that I have found for this type of opponent is “Avoiding Nuclear War: Hearing before the Defense Policy Panel of the committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress”. The first nuclear bombs were dropped by the United States on Japan’s cities. The effects of the explosion and aftermath were devastating. The nuclear bombs are a scary threat and people want to know how to handle the situation of a potential nuclear war.
In addition, the catastrophic damage that Japan’s cities had to go through is proof that…

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