The Monster In The Island Of Dr. Moreau

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As children grow up they often learn the term monster as a physically repulsive and scary creature that lurks under their bed at night. However, a monster is not created by having a strange appearance, but rather by the actions it chooses to take. I believe a monster is born through immoral actions done against others. Dr. Moreau is the monster in the novel The Island of Dr. Moreau due to his abusive actions against innocent animals while conducting his experiments. Although many of the characters believe the beasts are the monsters in the novel, Dr. Moreau proves he is the true monster by performing immoral experiments on animals.
To begin, Dr. Moreau is the monster in the novel The Island of Dr. Moreau because of the unethical experiments he conducts on the innocent animals. Dr Moreau performs the practice of vivisection on animals in attempt to form them into human-like beings. Vivisection is the cutting of or operation on a living animal usually for investigation. It often causes distress to the animal resulting in injury or death. Anyone who would execute such horrible acts upon an animal should be considered a monster. In the novel, Prendick is appalled when he sees how Dr. Moreau is treating the animals. When Prendick goes into the inner room to see the
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Moreau is the monster in the novel The Island of Dr. Moreau because of his abusive experiments against animals without no empathy for his crimes, while the characters simultaneously believe the beast are the monsters. Dr. Moreau practices vivisection on innocent creates in attempt to fill is own self interest of creating a man. In addition, Dr. Moreau lacks the ability to feel empathy or regret for his sinful actions. He believes there is no pain, and science is more important. Furthermore, once he produces these beast people the become to the monsters simply due to their appearance. However, a monster is not made by being scary on the outside, monsters created from the character

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