The Island Of Doctor Moreau Essay

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In the 1896 science fiction novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, H.G. Wells depicts the island home of an insane doctor, who creates human-like beings from animals. Moreau’s goal was to engineer a human being by only using animals for his experiments and then replicate the process. Which is crazy because then would have totally weird cat videos, oh and animal rights and all that stuff.
At the time the novel was written, gene splicing was considered science fiction. However, for the past twenty-five years scientists have been splicing genes within organism’s species and with other species to create genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as GMOs, which I guess is bestiality if you think about it. Although a breakthrough for the scientific and agriculture community it wasn’t accepted by all, GMOs have spawned loud criticism all steaming from fears about the long-term safety of GMOs. According to many studies done on scientific communication, this Loud Criticism spawns from miscommunication between scientific studies and everyday media discourse. But why worry. Americans have been eating GMOs for 25 years without showing any side…Hold on that explains so many flaws in the system, Cell Phone Culture, YouTube Rants, Internet Trolls, Oh my god, now I know what’s wrong with America, someone one get the leader of the free world Michelle Obama on the phone.

In reality, GMOs are an significant and topical issue, and what many American consumers believe is scientific fact about…

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