The Islamic Women 's Rights Essay

1387 Words Nov 8th, 2015 6 Pages
The well-known philosophy of Natural laws—or rights—is acknowledged by most human beings. The right to earn a living for oneself, and be able to pursue anything; is greatly treasured by everybody. But there always has and will be a continuous battle of restricting others rights. Looking into the Islamic world, it has been male-ruled for the longest of time. Men have controlled everything that women do in that sector of the globe. From what they wear, if they are allowed out of the household, their education, their inheritance/dowery, who is allowed to see them, or if the Islamic husbands let their wives spend time with them. These restrictions on the Islamic women’s rights has had tension between both genders for centuries. Those who fight against Islamic women’s rights are trying to conserve the traditions of their cultures. And the other people who are trying to acquire the rights of Islamic women, are trying to make a societal change and create more equality. The rise and expansion of Islam have restricted women’s rights by Islamic men presuming that women are responsible of how they are seen by others, controlling women’s freedom or social life, and by the Islamic religious traditions. Looking deeper into the issue of the Islamic women is presumed to be responsible of how they are viewed by others. The physical attractiveness rings a bell in this category. Physical attraction has been included in universal perceptions common in all human cultures, mostly in…

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