The Islamic Views On Abortion Essay

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4.1 Islamic Views on Abortion
Preservation of life is one of the primary objectives of the Islamic Divine Law (maqasid al-shari’ah). Besides preservation of life, Islamic shari’ah also aims to preserve religion, intellect, honour (family lineage) and property. Conducts and behaviours that are deemed to violate these aims are prohibited, while conducts that are set to achieve these aims are considered morally right. In this case, since abortion involves the termination of life, it is considered as immoral; thus the general perspective of Islam about abortion is as not permissible unless it is done to save the mother’s life, which should be carried out before the ensoulment takes place (Aramesh, 2007). The Muslim scholars had achieved a consensus in the prohibition of abortion after the ensoulment takes place (Ahmad Muhammad Husni, Abdul Basir Mohammad, Amir Husin Mohd Nor, Hayatullah Laluddin, & Mohd Al Adib Samuri, 2013). However, a dispute among scholars regarding at which stage the abortion should be allowed should not be obviated. Regarding this matter, the President of the Islamic Research Foundation International, Ibrahim B Syed (2012), unveils the opinion of the four leading schools towards the permissibility of abortion. The Shafie school allows abortion up to day 120. On the contrary, the Hanafi school views abortion to be permitted until the end of the fourth month. A pregnant woman is permitted to abort her pregnancy without the husband’s consent if the reason is…

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