Essay on The Islamic State Of Iraq

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After the death of Saddam Hussein, many of his supporters didn’t know what to do next, so they formed a group called Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda waged war and attacked Shiite militias who were supported by Iran. After the invasion of US troops, the group seemed to be kept at bay for a while until they regrouped in Syria. Here, they renamed themselves ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. According to The Week the rest of Al Qaeda wasn’t happy with the regrouping because they were forming a new group also, but after a “mini-war amongst themselves,” both groups officially disassociated with each other (Cassis 1). ISIS became pretty successful pretty quickly. By the summer of 2014, they captured Mosul, a major city in Iraq, and some other major cities afterwards. Because they were gaining so much traction, other rebel groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria formed alliances with each other (Cassis 1). ISIS has been responsible for many terrorist attacks in the past year, from taking Americans captive in Iraq and killing them, the San Francisco shooting, and even as recent as the New York bombings (Lister, Sanchez, Bixler 1).
Being in the 21st century, not only can terrorism occur in a physical and violent manner, it can happen technologically as well. Many corporations, even our government, have been hacked at some point during the last year or two. Cyberterrorism has a large appeal because not only is it cheaper, it can affect a larger group of people quicker. Citizens’ are still…

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