The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria Essay

1384 Words Nov 4th, 2016 6 Pages
For at least three years now, the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has spread and affected people and places all over the world. Officially originating in 2013, ISIS is a violent jihadist group founded mostly in Iraq and Syria that has members from all over the world due to their global recruiting system. They have killed thousands of people in their acquired territories that do not agree with what ISIS stands for or anyone resisting their rule. ISIS has grown into a serious threat the past few years because of their violent militant tactics, multinational recruits, and ways of acquiring vast amounts of money to support their agenda. ISIS has been in conflict with multiple factions and nations from around the world since their formation. Even coalitions have been formed in order to defeat ISIS, but it has not been as successful as planned. The United States, along with other countries continue to debate on how to deal with and ultimately defeat ISIS. To solve the situation, they argue whether they should put soldiers on the ground to fight ISIS directly, continue airstrikes against them, or not get involved in a conflict against ISIS at all. Before determining how to deal with ISIS, people must know what the group is about and what they are trying to achieve. Critics on the formation of ISIS explain that the incredible and somewhat surprising rise of ISIS in four years came from a marginal group that was ignored by almost all intelligence agencies. The…

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