The Islamic Republic Of Iran Essay

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is an Islamic theocratic state that has a very complex government structure, which consists of Islamic laws and democratic elements. The Iran Revolution under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founding of the Islamic Republic, adopted a constitution based on Islamic principles and norms in December 1979. The new constitution aimed towards creating a society that upholds the values of Islam and provides the necessary tools to maintain the Iranian Revolution ideologies as well as promoting Islamic conformity inside Iran and abroad. According to the Iranian constitution all laws and regulations must be based in accordance with Islamic principles.

Other than being a theocratic system, Iran’s political structure appears to be similar to those of Western countries with a president who is elected by the people, a legislature, and a very powerful judicial system. Local government officials are directly elected by their constituents for a 4-year term. Despite the Iran’s government structure, the country’s appears to be run by one powerful man, the Supreme Leader, the guardian of the Islamic Revolution, who exerts political, economic and religious influence over the system and control every major decision in the country with the assistance of an army of clerics. The power of the Supreme Leader stemmed from the roots of the revolution and Khomeini, who believed that Iran government should based on sharia or Islamic Law.

The system of…

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