The Islamic Republic Of Iran Essay

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is a nation that is often characterized by its theocratic nature that seems foreign to most westerners. This mixture of God and government comes from a long history of religion and government being used jointly to create a better Iran for the people. Previously to 1979, Iran was used by western countries because of its rich natural resources, especially oil with the introduction of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. When Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi became the leader, he turned to censorship, secret police and executions in order to instill fear in the people. Because of this, the people began the Islamic Revolution which started a period of turmoil and change for the people. The nature of Iranian politics turned from peaceful subordination to confusion over what they wanted in regards to religion and its role in government. Between 1979 and today, the Islamic Revolution, the leadership of Khatami and Ahmadinejad and the Green Movement best exemplify religion’s tumultuous and changing role in Iranian politics. In 1979, the country undertook one of the most explosive revolutions in recent history. The Islamic Revolution, led in part by Ruhollah Khomeini with the help of intellectuals, military and political leaders, overthrew the government under Pahlavi and put in place their own system of a supreme leader, clergy and several councils. One variable that inflamed the people was the push for westernization of Iran, which would create a more secular…

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