The Islamic Center Of Greater Cincinnati Essay examples

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“To be an American is to be someone with access to tremendous opportunities and freedom. Our nation is founded on a pluralistic belief that together we are better and stronger than apart,” says Shakila Ahmad, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC)’s president and board chair.

She adds, “It doesn’t mean our nation is perfect. There are struggles we must overcome, but we’re making progress…there is no better place in the world.” Born in Pakistan, at age three, her family moved to Indiana so her father could continue his graduate studies at Indiana University. When she was nine her the family moved to Cincinnati. Like her parents, she pursued higher education and graduated from the University of Cincinnati McMicken College of Arts and Sciences.

In 1995, when the 18-acre Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati opened, she became the youngest and the first woman named to its board of directors. In 2013 she became board president. Ahmad is also serving as the center’s interim executive director, or Imam, as the board conducts a nationwide search. Meanwhile, she maintains leadership positions with the YWCA Cincinnati, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, the Cincinnati FBI Multicultural Advisory Council, and the Cincinnati Mayor 's Task Force on Immigration.

“It can be hectic,” she admits; however, says she enjoys it. “My faith, my family and my outreach vision for center give me strength.”
She rejects the notion of a low profile may be the best course of action in…

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