Essay on The Islamic Belief System Of Africa

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In the years after the death of Christ, religious beliefs such as Bantu, Christianity, and Islamic faith became the center of the civilizations Africa. In the lower regions of Africa, the Bantu tribes based their religious beliefs and lifestyles off of the environment that surrounded them. These tribes where located in Torrid Zones that made it hard to create a settlement for them to live in, making them pastoralist. In the upper regions of Africa, particularly in the North, the Romans used their religious belief to create a central government that would bring the church and State together. Allowing them to expand and control regions through military force and taxation. The Islamic belief system, which consisted of society that called themselves Muslims, came after the Roman period in the Northern region. These Muslims based all of their control strictly though the Islamic religion that allowed them to expand and control all of the trading. In having this type of control over trade brings about a bureaucracy that allows the Muslims to build upon a hierarchical order and maintain long trade routes through military action In the lower regions of Africa many of the tribes from the Bantu family believed in one god, but had different views on their religious belief such as: herders/cattle come out of trees, where other animals and people came out of a hole, believing that a chameleon brings death, or being able to reach their high god by meeting between the ground and sky.…

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