The Islam Factions Essay examples

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The Islam factions are rooted in disagreements. The long standing debate was about who should be named successor after the death of the prophet Muhammad. Both factions wanted someone they could trust that would carry out the prophet’s customs and teachings. The Muslims could not come to an agreement so that is what caused the spilt. Because of the split, it caused a lot of different views on religion and political issues. These factions are mostly in the Eastern part of the world. These two factions are fighting over the power of being the top leaders and teachers in the Muslim communities. At first it was just a disagreement, but these Muslims could get along being intermingled with each other and recently things have become violent.
Most of the Muslims believed that the role of leader should be someone of blood line decent to the prophet, his cousin and brother-in-law Ali. The other half believed it should be his close friend Abu Bakr. They put it to a vote and Abu Bakr was elected as the next successor. Abu Bakr was the prophet’s closest friend and advisor. The prophet married Bakr’s daughter. The side that believes Bakr should be successor believed that Bakr knew what he was doing because he spent a lot time with Muhammad as the prophet’s advisor. The rest of the Muslims believed that it was out of order and didn’t think it was correct for the prophet’s closest friend/advisor to become the successor. The ones that believed that Ali should be the successor were later…

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