Essay about The Is The Most Important Aspect When Working With Animals

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In all of my years of public schooling, I have never written about one subject for so many times. With the past few drafts, I realized that zoology is slightly more complex than what people would imagine. As you would expect with zoology, people study the structure, habits, and evolution of all animals, both non-living and living. Animal-related careers, whether it is a zookeeper or a researcher, may seem simple, but a person needs key traits such as extreme patience, passion, and alertness.
I honestly believe that patience is possibly the most important aspect when working with animals. As when all may know, animals cannot communicate with humans in the same way that human communicate with other humans. Therefore, we may not always know how an animal is feeling or what an animal is thinking. Also, animals do not know what is considered right and what is considered wrong in society, so an animal may be doing something that it considers “normal” but to human, it is categorized as misbehaving. A person working in this field needs to be patient when it comes to interacting with animals. As far as passion goes, everybody, in whatever field they are in, should be passionate about it. If there is no passion, then there will be no joy in what you do. Alertness is also extremely key in working with animals because animals can be highly unpredictable and erratic, so you have to be cautious of your surroundings and the animal’s mannerisms.
Now, when it comes to the various…

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