The Is The Mental Disorder Known For Its Victims Essays

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Trichotillomania is the mental disorder known for its victims compulsively pulling out their hair. In looking at the disorder, a natural question that may arise would be: Why? Or perhaps, how? How did they develop it and what can be done to treat it? Who is more likely to have or develop trichotillomania? To answer these questions we look to studies done by professionals in psychology, who their patients are and what treatments are available. Trichotillomania isn’t commonly known, which is why there should be more information available to not only the sufferers, but to the general public as well. The first of many questions being why would a mental illness cause someone to pull out their hair? Penzel states, “For some, there is often little or no awareness of their pulling. There are some who say that this automatic pulling may, at times, be closer to a tic of the type seen in Tourette’s syndrome. Another group of TTM sufferers report an extremely pleasurable or soothing feeling when pulling hair” (Penzel 1). Penzel also mentions that there are situations where awareness is apparent and it seems to be connected to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. “They feel driven to pull hairs that are imperfect or wrong in some special way. By pulling out these hairs, they believe that they are fixing the way their hair looks, … and improving its appearance” (1). According to Hair-Pulling, Culture and Unmourned Death, there is possibility of trichotillomania being related to trauma.…

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