The Is The Grounding For The Law 's Jurisdiction Over Us? Essay

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“What is the Grounding for the Law’s Jurisdiction Over Us?”
Imagine a house fire starting and your neighbor having to watch all of his memories, possessions, and his house burn down because there are no laws existing to provide services and responders. There would be no taxes collected to fund fire departments, police departments or hospitals. There would be no help. This anarchy would exist because the citizens would not accept the law’s jurisdiction over them. To have peace and prosperity we must have some law. We allow the Law to have jurisdiction over us based on certain grounds such as protection, preserving our rights and avoiding anarchy. However, some citizens believe that the Law is too restrictive and intruding in their lifes. People argue that the laws could be too invasive. For example, during the British rule they forced colonists to house soldiers without consent during times of peace. This is the reasoning behind the 11th amendment in the Bill of Rights. “He [King George] has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies without the consent of our legislatures” (591). This amendment shows that laws can be created to take advantage of people. To create new laws taxpayers are forced to spend more money to carry out those laws. If laws are poorly designed, the laws could end up hurting citizens rather than helping them. In the 1950’s and 1960’s during the civil rights, many citizens were being hurt by the law instead of being benefitted. Martin Luther King…

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