The Is The Greatest Gift Of All Essay

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Not all people are lucky enough to cherish two babies at once. Havings twins is one of the greatest gifts of all that could be given to any parent no matter what the situation is. Whether they have struggled for years to have a child or it happened by chance. Love is the greatest gift of all. There might be a lot of ups and downs with twins, but by the Grace of God, it will be a gift that most people would give anything to receive or adore.
Everyone is alone at a point in time,but being a twin they are never truly alone. When twins feel alone, they always have someone to turn to, no matter the situation. Before they are born into the real world they are “wombmates” so they have always been tied together in some way, shape, or form. There are times when twins really need to talk to someone and they want to talk to a sibling and the closest sibling they will ever be too is with their twin weather they like it or not. At point in times there is always a time when someone is really needed especially at school, they have been together in the same class and the same grade, which they are always going to lean towards the other to ask for help and ask for an assignment if they have forgotten one so there is no one left behind. No matter where they are there is always the question of should twins be alone? If they let themselves think it, then they always have their twin to look upon to. Twins that are never alone means there will always be a friend throughout life to share…

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